Friday, January 10, 2014

Dancing in New Orleans/Sexual tensions all around!!

Dear Jeremiah,

I’m back on the dirt road, in our wagon, after a fruitful stop in yee ol’ New Orleans!! Oh Jeremiah!!! What a time we’ve had! I danced FIVE FEET from a man! ‘tis the closest I’ve come to one since I borrowed hay from Old Mr. Shanklebee’s handsome nephew Josiah.

My head is still spinning from such an over abundance of libations!! Mr. Seth and Miss Heather also had an over abundance of libations! They seem to have a very close brother and sister relationship. They became VERY friendly during yee old pub crawl….touching each other’s bottoms, which they explained to me is just a game called “bottom tag” they played as kids. Haha! Oh, to have a sibling that was still alive!! Alas, all of mine were taken in the great windmill fire of '63.

We received a note from miss Deenah! (As you recall from my last letter, we traded her for leavened bread). She is having a great time working for Burt Lovejoy aka Leatherface. At least that’s what it seems…it was hard to decipher some of the writing underneath the dried blood and tears.  It seems Burt feeds her well, "perhaps too well" she writes…she fears he is trying to fatten her up for something…Miss Deenah has always been a tad overly worried, due to her yiddish upbringing...

Well Jeremiah, I must go. Miss Heather has been vomiting all morning, which is strange because she can’t stop eating. And I notice she’s been altering her petticoats…

Off to Austin we go!!

Miss Darcy

We arrived in New Orleans and were taken out to yee ol' seafood dinner by lovely Miss Elise and Mr. Matthew and little Avery!

They have the most lovely Corgis:

The next morn' for breakfast Miss Elise bought us a King Cake! Everyone gets a slice and whoever finds the "baby," a porcelain object within the cake gets luck for years to come. And Deenah found it!!! Which means the rest of us are royally screwed. Specifically Mr. Seth.

 Then we went out on yee ol' town to cafe du monde and ate beignets!! My goodness Jeremiah! They tasted like heaven wrapped in Jesus's beard!! Click below for a sideways video:

And pictures!!!

Then we visited Mr. Seth's friends big Medora and little Medora (mother and daughter) who live in the heart of the city. They are both the most incredible people, and big Medora is a guru wizard! She read us our cards, and we all came that much closer to yee ol' Nirvana.

Then we galavanted round yee ol' town, eating, drinking, and having the most lovely time. 

Antique store:

At ol' Mimi's bar, philosophizing o'er our lives:

And later we met my dear dear friends Miss Esme and Miss Olivia at Candlelight Lounge where we heard the great Treme Band play the most amazing music.

And we danced! Oh Jeremiah!! How we danced!!!!

Miss Olivia, Deenah, Darcy and Heather

Miss Heather and Mr. Seth! Look at those siblings! Loving each other so! In their sibling way!

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