Wednesday, January 8, 2014

North Carolina to Atlanta, Fear of Incestuous Relations Within the Group...

January 7th, 10:45pm 2014

Dear Jeremiah,

Tis the morning and I slept a terrible sleep. I had flashes of my late husband Albert sinking to the bottom of Millie’s Creek as the townspeople looked on. At least now everyone knows he’s not a witch.  Single again, Jeremiah. It’s the WORST.

We traded Deenah for a loaf of leavened bread, since she was now basically useless. (If you will recall from my last letter, Miss Heather amputated it because of the dysentery). We waved goodbye as she rode off in her cage, towards the northwest. I miss her, but the feeling subsided as soon as I drank my daily thimble of milk. Besides, I think Burt Lovejoy aka "Leatherface" will treat her well.

Miss Heather and Mr Seth brought back bison from their daily hunt. And I notice they seem to steal glances when they think I’m not looking. I’m sure it’s nothing…they ARE brother and sister…

Last night we were in North Carolina drinking of strong ale with Miss Heather's good pals. They own a pub!!! She travels through there often with her traveling music circus. Here's a picture:

When we arrived in Atlanta, we visited a friend from our studies, Miss Kathleen. She and her husband John just had a baby! 

Miss Heather and Miss Kathleen with little Peter

Today we depart Atlanta, making our way through Alabama to New Orleans. Wish us luck Jeremiah, and sorry to hear about your consumption.

Miss Darcy

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