Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pregnancy in Austin! And Possible Prostitution!

Dear Jeremiah,

Tis a long day in the wagon, after leaving yee ol’ Austin! T’was a wild ride in the city! I traded my only shoes for a wedge of lemon! T’will cure my scurvy!  I am contemplating selling my hair for squirrel meat and my body for clean water. It will be the first time I laid with a man since my wedding night. Oh to be thirteen again....

Miss Heather is pregnant! (As you might recall she was vomiting a lot and altering her petticoats) All of us are very excited, except her brother Mr. Seth, who has been various sheets of white since the announcement. He's been keeping his distance from Miss Heather. They even stopped playing their daily game of "who can hug each other the fullest" which they explained to me is another game they learned as kids, just like "bottom tag" (see my last letter). I guess Mr. Seth has a right to be quite nervous, what, with being an uncle for the first time...

We ran into Deenah in the marketplace! It turns out Burt Lovejoy aka Leatherface, traded her for a Brisket Taco. We have decided to take her back…her dysentery is gone, and she is using a wheel for her lost leg. So she must be good for something!

We’ve been occupying ourselves in the wagon with many fun games!

Songs of Our First Crushes:

These are the songs we associate with the first requited or unrequited loves:

Heather Robb:
Can’t Let Go by Mariah Carey, Summer after 5th grade 

“I was in love with my camp counselor Brian. IN. LOVE. He had the most beautiful brown eyes they looked like cows eyes. COWS. EYES. He played football with me and liked that I was into football. Didn’t have the nerve to tell him how I felt, as I left camp that summer I cried listening (on my walkman) to the lyric: “even though I try, I can’t let go, something in your eyes captured my soul.”

Seth Kirschner:
Wind Beneath my Wings by Bette Midler: 6th grade

“She was a quadruplet. It was our song. She made it our song.”

Deenah Shutzer 
Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry 8th grade 

“He used to put it on his away message on AIM. It was unspoken but it was totally for me.”

Darcy Fowler
Satellite by DMB, 7th grade

"He was two years older, he loved another, a cool high school girl, I sat with Liz Cashman and Anna Hughes weeping to that song"

Movies That Make Us Weep:

(in no particular order)
1)    Billy Elliot
2)    Terms of Endearment (so manipulative)
3)    Kramer Vs. Kramer
4)    My Girl
5)    Finding Nemo
6)    Tsotsi
7)    Toy Story 3
8)    Turner and Hooch
9)    Lives of Others
10) Great Little Toaster
11) The Pianist
12)  Hachi: A Dogs Tale
13)  The Turning Point
14) Up (The beginning)
15) Thelma And Louise
16) Beauty and the Beast
17)  Lion King
18)  The Contender
19) Swing Kids
20) Simon Birch
21) Homeward Bound
22) Braveheart
23)  West Side Story
24)  Ordinary People
25) All Dogs Go to Heaven
26)  League of Their Own
27)  Singing in the Rain (from the beauty of it)
28)  An Affair to Remember
29)  Life is Beautiful
30) Muppet Christmas Carol
31)  Hook
32)  When Harry Met Sally
33)  Taps
34) Marley and Me
35)  Mr. Holland’s Opus
36)  Legends of the Fall (Does NOT hold up)

Morning in Austin!! We stayed with the most amazing people ever, our friends Adam and Margaret, a brilliant writer and incredible arts therapist respectively!!

Miss Margaret made dutch pancakes! They were so good it was crazy. Really. I'm thinking about them now and I wish I could eat them all over again. It's like if you took love, put it to the tenth power, made it into a necklace, and gave it to Aphrodite for Valentine's day and then she went on a DATE and CONSUMMATED.

We ate more amazing food my god: many tacos...

Our car broke down, and a wonderfully nice man named Hache helped us out!

More pictures around town:

Boot shop:

Candy Shop:

Our friend Gabe's Food Truck called Love Balls:

And then we saw Raider's of the Lost Ark Draft House!!

The lovely Adam and Margaret

Off to Tucson we go!!!!

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